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Why We Are Special


Bid, Proposal and Tender submission deadlines tend to be inflexible and the consequences of not meeting them are significant. Our average turnaround time is 2-3 working days. At Optimum Estimates, we are always ready to manage projects of any complexity, and pride ourselves for delivering Projects in specified time.


Quantity takeoff is an important yet laborious task which consumes significant amount of working hours. Outsourcing this work to Optimum estimates will enable you to reduce these hours and get your work done in reduced cost. Furthermore, it will allow you to maximise your productivity by focusing on your core functions.


Inaccurate measurements may lead to either over/ underestimating of your construction costs. An accurate estimate will usher your profits while inaccuracy may lead to financial doom. Our capable staff takes the time to fully review the plans and specifications to determine accurate measurements and takeoffs, which will assist you in making accurate bids.

Our Best Propositions for You!

Performing takeoffs is a very significant, yet laborious task. If Outsource, it will allow you to bid for maximum number of projects in the shortest time, consequently increasing your chances of winning more projects.
We provide Quantity takeoff services to our Clients at economically feasible rates with minimum turnaround time, while maintaining the quality of our work.

Awesome Features


We know that speed is absolutely of the essence, whilst ensuring absolute accuracy of your projects estimate. We have enough staff to handle every project and client on priority basis therefore we always hit our clients deadlines on time and every time. Give us a chance.

Quality Assurance

In order to insure the quality of our services, we have developed an internal audit system. It includes the assessment of our work through Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Checks, performed by our Senior Estimators before submission of work to our clients.

Progress Monitoring System

In order to provide near real time update to main stake holders about current progress of the project, a Project Monitoring and Performance Tracking solution has been developed. This system help Our Clients to keep track about the status of their work any time.


We have teams of specialized individuals with different skill sets, focused on providing our clients with the latest construction innovations. All estimates are produced to a highly professional standard. We will supply the estimate in the format of your choice either MS Excel, MS Word, PDF or any required software.

Reduced Turnaround Time

Optimum Estimates always submit their work before our client’s deadline; to provide them enough time to review and submit their bids within the time constraints. Performance of Quantity takeoff is our core function and hence enables us to deliver projects in shortest time span i.e 2-3 days.

Online Support

Effective Communication is an essential element for any Business. Through our online Support system, we are always ready to address our client’s query related to our work. The Communication can be done through various modes including live Chats, Phone calls, Video calls as per your requirements.











Pricing Plan


A fixed amount is charged to our customers. These rates vary depending upon the complexity of the project and the quantum of work involved in performing the job. Clients with occasional work overload use this option


A Quantity (Per Square ft, Per Square meter etc) based rates are charged to our customers. The rates for per unit of quantity are agreed in principal and are charged after the computation of quantities.


A monthly amount is charged to our Clients for our services for an agreed number of projects. It proves beneficial to the firms with huge quantum of work. The services charges are lower than other pricing plans.

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