About Us

About Us.

At Optimum Estimate, we provide highly skilled and professional quantity estimators to global residential and commercial contractors and design and engineering firms. Our expertise covers performance of material take off for Paint, Flooring and Dry Wall Jobs. Whether you are new to the contracting business or you are a large established company, Optimum Estimates have the people you need.

We are able to provide estimation staff at all skill levels. Our experienced estimators have in depth knowledge of the latest construction estimation software. They use multiple cross checks to ensure accuracy throughout the estimating process, allowing them to deliver detailed, reliable estimates that exceed your expectations.

Why your Company need us?

1. Managing Workload:

• Our services can be used by Architects/Designers to come up with budgets for their clients and Contractors with overloaded estimating departments or without on-staff estimators to manage their workload. By working alongside us, they will be able to focus on their core functions effectively.

2. Streamlining your Work Schedules

• Contractors can use our services 24/7. During bidding of project or during construction phase, we provide total support. Whether you need changes according to addendum or on site changes during construction, we provide immediate assistance and revise the takeoff to safe to time.

3. Reduce Cost Upto 40%

• Contractor looking to Reduce costs can utilizes our services. Optimum Estimates can provide top estimation staff at prices that are less than local rates due to low labor and operating costs, and our management experience, coupled with new collaboration technology makes it easier than ever to work with remote team members. Quantity estimation outsourcing helps you save on overhead expenses, so you can increase your bid volume. For contractors that are willing to move a step ahead and start implementing BIM in order to cope up with changing market trends. We at Optimum estimates provide all solutions of takeoff via use of latest soft wares specially REVIT and Navisworks.

4. Be More Competitive-Win More bids

• Optimum Estimates will help you to Improve focus on your core functions. Some companies tend to put off estimates until it’s too late because they are too busy with management, procurement and other day-to-day operations. Every time you pass on potential projects, you are losing business to your competitors. By working with Optimum Estimates, you can focus on your core activities while maintaining your competitive advantage. Our clients can increase the number of bids submitted - a winning strategy in these competitive times. Imagine being able to submit 10+ bids using the same cost and time as submitting 1 bid